Theme Rides

Our theme rides provide the opportunity to share family friendly group rides and engage with our community by bicycle. Visit new places, learn new low stress routes, share a purpose or cause and connect with fellow cyclists.

Sauganash Lights Tour – December 18, 2021 – 4:00pm – Join the Skokie Bike Network at the Sketchbook brewery in Skokie for a revival of the Evanston Bike Club’s holiday lights tour. We will take the Valley line trail to Pratt and then to Longmeadow and the neighborhood where all the light displays will be. The total distance will be 7 miles. It is about 2.5 each way to the start with a mile or two milling around the lights. The ride is a manageable distance and are much better from a bike than from a car. When we get back to Sketchbook we can debate which display was the best over a local beverage. If you know you can make it – let us know at Showing up at Sketchbook or joining along the way is cool too.

Evanston Skokie Brewery Ride – August 14, 2021 – 3:00pm – Join our neighbors at the Evanston Transit Alliance for a ride between the Sketchbooks this Saturday August 14th, 3:00pm starting at the Sketchbook Brewery – 821 Chicago Ave, Evanston. The ride will feature Evanston’s pilot “shared street” along Greenleaf Ave. and explore some potential bike infrastructure along the UPN rail line and a remnant of the “Weber Spur” before heading west on Skokie’s Main Street bike lane to the Sketchbook Brewery along the Skokie Valley Trail.

Skokie Sweets ‘n Treats – July 10, 2021 – With the arrival of summer and the waning of pandemic restrictions we took this modest opportunity to indulge in some of Skokie’s favorite food fare and treats. Riding a low stress, family friendly route (Skokie Sweets ‘n Treats route) we enjoyed a casual ride, relaxed conversation and some tasty treats.

Evanston Ride of Silence – In cooperation with the Evanston Bike Club and Evanston Wheel & Sprocket bike shop a small group (due to Covid restrictions) of us rode and recorded the annual Ride of Silence in Evanston. A sober and heartfelt tribute to fellow riders who experienced tragedy while riding their bicycles.

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