Skokie Bike Network

Committed to promoting better cycling in the Village of Skokie and neighboring communities.

Welcome to the Skokie Bike Network. We are a community of residents and network of partners who share a vision for promoting cycling for recreation, health and transportation for anyone who aspires to get on their bike and ride. Our activities and initiatives include:

Vision – We are organized to enlist and connect all residents who share the vision that promoting bicycling and walking promotes better living.

Events/Activities – Organizing and supporting bike related events and activities in Skokie and neighboring communities.

Infrastructure – Promoting and supporting the development of bike infrastructure and facilities including bike lanes, side paths, and bike trails.

Policy – Advocating for policies and initiatives conducive to biking and walking including the current Complete Streets ordinance requiring consideration of all modes – biking, walking, transit and vehicular transportation – in transportation projects and policies.

Education – Facilitating and conducting bike education programs in Skokie and neighboring communities partnering with schools, the League of American Cyclists, Ride Illinois and local cycling instructors.

Regional Connections – Network with and support bike and active transportation advocates and initiatives in neighboring communities and regionally.

Welcome. Join the fun and enjoy the ride!